What I Love About Pets

  • You want to go for a run? Bring a dog along. You want to parkour throughout the city? Bring your cat along! You want to sit at home like the couch potato you are? BRING YOUR GOLDFISH. Pets are there for you no matter what.

  • 2. If properly trained, they are useful individuals.
  • Bike

    Dogs and cats are known for their keen senses and have been assisting the disabled and impaired for decades. Whether it be fetching a frisbee or helping cross the street, pets are there to assist people in any way necessary.

  • 3. Did I mention that they are CUTE?
  • Who doesn't like petting a puppy or plush cat? Even though they may damage several things, they look cute and get away with thigs. If only I had those kind of powers.


  • 4. Probably better looking than most people around
  • See image below.